The MJX Bugs 3 vs Syma X8G

Lets start with the MJX Bugs 3. It comes with powerful brushless motor, with a 7.4v 1,800mAh high battery. It gives the Bugs about 19 mins flying time (I believe this is without the camera). It comes with support to mount either a Gopro or Xiomi xiaoyi motion camera (which means you need to get the camera separately). It has two speeds H and L. It’s 6 axis flight control system makes it very stable to fly. You can do flips and rolls and comes with pure nylon fibre material auto lock propellers. The Bugs 3 is quite fast for a beginner. You may want to have some experience before handling it. It was priced at RM492 plus shipping at

The Syma X8G quadcopter comes with a 8MP HD camera. Powered by a 7.4v 2000mAh (banana-type plug) it only gives you about 10 to 12 minutes flight time. It also comes with a 6 axis gyroscope that gives it a strong stability in flight. It has headless mode 2.4G 4.5 Channel Remote Control. According to its review, you can easily implement various flight movements, has stronger wind resistance and easier to control. The Syma was priced at RM444.54 at

Syma X8G
Smart rating:                                               88
Max flight time (mins):                             12
Op range (meters)//////:                            100
Still Camera Resolution (megapixels):     5
Max video resolution 1080p

MJX Bugs 3
Smart rating:                                                   73
Max flight time (mins):                                  18
Op range (meters):                                        500
Still Camera Resolution (megapixels):          –
Max video resolution –

(Source: Drones

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