Maiden Flight with my DJI Mavic Pro

Yes, folks after the unboxing and the required calibration, I finally took it for my maiden flight at none other then Independence Square (Dataran Merdeka). As I was driving towards my destination, to my horror I saw raindrops against my windscreen. I felt terrible thinking what a time for it to rain. Anyway, on reaching, the drizzle had somewhat reduced to occasional drops, permitting flight.

Took off and I was amazed at the DJI Mavic Pro’s performance. It was very responsive to the controls without any drag or lag, smooth take off and it hovered with such great stability. It responded quick to the touch of the controls and you could hardly hear the drone. Believe me, having flown a Yuneec Q500+, the DJI Mavic Pro is in a league  of its own. I hope to check out the other capabilities in the near future and keep you all posted. Check out the maiden flight video with my new DJI Mavic Pro. Cheers and Fly Safe


Bought my DJI Mavic Pro

Christmas came early for me. Yes, folks I decided to treat myself and bought myself a DJI Mavic Pro. I found a dealer, DronesKaki, who seemed to offer a fantastic deal with a lot of added gifts. So called him up and to my surprise, he informed me that if I were to purchase it through 11Street,  I would enjoy even better discounts from his store. True enough for RM5695.00 I got a Fly More Combo deal.

They even offer you a 0% interest free instalment plan on your credit card.  The details of the outlet is as follows:

Drones Kaki
Mobile No: +60199968388
Contact Person: Nicholas Lim
38B, Jalan SS2/66,
47300 Petaling Jaya

Quickly did an unboxing video (in Malay since there is so many other videos in English). Will soon post what its like flying it once I get over the excitement of owning a DJI Mavic Pro. 😅  Fly Safe


Walkera and Optical Zoom

If you have noticed, most of the drones I have covered here have the capability to pan up or down, left or right and even do a 360 degrees turn. I came across (probably the first of its kind) a drone that enables you to zoom. Yep, you read it right. Walkera introduced the Voyager 4 drone with the incredible ability to carry out a 16x magnification. However, the 16x optical zoom capability is an add-on. The Voyager 4’s standard camera is a fixed focal length 4K camera. The voyager also comes with the Devo F18 controller which said to be more user friendly. The Voyager 4 is also capable of utilising 4G cellular connectivity, which means you can control the quad-copter from almost anywhere as long as you have network service.
Fly Safe


Walkera Vitus 320

The Walkera Vitus 320, 3 Axis 4K Camera, Drone looks like another clone of the DJI Mavic, weighing in at 870g. It has foldable arms and comes with dual satellite positioning collision avoidance sensors affording great stability control. It has three directional sensors on the front and sides. The bottom also has a vision sensor. With a standard 4K camera, the quadcopter can active track, produce 1080P video output. Its 5200mAh LiPo battery, allows an approximate flight time of 28 minutes. What’s new again is that it supports augmented virtual reality games (according to Thomas Luna – WETALKUAV). The drone can be controlled using your smartphone or with the optional controller, DEVO-F8S. Fly Safe


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Titiwangsa Lake Park

Went down to Lake Titiwangsa to take an aerial shot of the area. It was a good sunny day with a sight breeze in the air. Took the drone for a ‘walk’ along the tree canopy as you can see in the beginning of the video. Turned out great. Check out the video. Fly Safe


Fixed Wing Mode for the DJI Mavic Pro

On April 22, 2017 DJI came up with a new firmware for the Mavic Pro, that is the Fixed Wing Mode. Aerial Photography, basically encompasses a flying platform (in this case the quad-copter) affixed with a camera and gimbals. The gimbals provide stability for the camera so that the production of the video is as stable as possible (i.e. eradicate a shaky output). It is interesting, though, in the fixed wing mode, DJI actually uses the gimbal to create a sense that you are no longer flying a quad-copter but a plane. In this mode, you actually feel as though you are banking to the left or right as you push the left throttle (yaw). Likewise, when you push the right throttle forward or backward, you get the sensation that you are climbing or descending. This mode may not be ideal for aerial photography, but it certainly would enable you to have some fun with it. Some of the reviews I have come across explains that DJI has come up with this mode in anticipation of their launch of the DJI Goggle (which I had covered in an earlier post). Here is a video link to show you what I have mentioned. Fly Safe

DJI Mavic Pro Fixed Wing Mode Tutorial


DJI at Low Yat Plaza

Went to Low Yat to check out what is new when I was surprised to see a number of camera shops have started selling drones. Most of the quad-copters being sold were the DJI models. You could get either the Phantom 4 Pro or the Mavic Pro. That’s when I came across the DJI store on the ground floor (Lot No: G-018). It is located on your right as you enter from the Imbi Plaza/Sg Wang entrance. I met Vick Chee who was very friendly and helpful. They seemed well stocked with the DJI Phantom 4 Pro and the Mavic Pro as well as other DJI accessories. He informed me that they also carried out limited repairs there as well. Vick can be contacted at +60177786487
Fly Safe


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