Eagles to the Rescue

No matter what regulations are put in place to safe guard security, privacy and safety; there are always some rogue drone pilot who gets a thrill by flouting these laws, rules and regulations. Authorities, on the other hand are looking at new means to curb these rogue pilots and to bring down their drones. There is really no one size that fits all in that there is no one best way. One could jam its radios to force the drone to Autoland, use bigger drone to capture it or merely shooting it out of the skies.

The Dutch National Police, however, had come up with an ingenious economical way to bring down rogue drones (I suppose there really is no such thing as a rogue drone but only pilots). They have embarked on training eagles to take down menacing drones that are being problematic. The eagles are natural when trained to take down a drone. They are trained to identify and capture drones. On snatching the drones, they then find a safe place to land. The advantage here is that one doesn’t have to worry about a disabled drone falling on the heads of the public. The Dutch are not the only ones who have embarked on training eagles for this purpose. the French Air Force are also doing it. Fly Safe and Responsibly
Source: https://spectrum.ieee.org/…/dutch-police-training-eagles-to…




The GDU 02 Plus

DJI had just revamped their Mavic Pro to Mavic Pro Platinum and before you know it, GDU Technology, a Chinese based drone company, had come up with the GDU 02 Plus that’s said to give the Mavic Pro Platinum a run for its money. According to WETALKUAV, the GDU 02 Plus can record videos in time lapse and slow motion, which is a first for a drone. Its propellers slide out of its body instead of swinging out like in the Mavic Pro. The arms are of aviation aluminium alloy which gives it light-weight durability. The Radio Controller for the GDU can be latched to the drone for portability. Together it looks like a brick. The endurance of the drone is 20 minutes and can reach speeds of 54 kph which is pretty fast for this range of drones. The camera is a 1/3 inch CMOS 13 MP capable of taking 4K videos with a resolution of 3840×2160 in 25 and 30 fps. It can reach up to a distance of 6.5 km. Fly Safe

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Introducing Airdog ADII

Said to be the most intelligent, flying camera: the Airdog ADII has a built in sensor (LiDAR) that prevents collision in varying terrain and extreme change in elevation at high speeds.

Instead of a remote control that comes typical with joysticks and display screens, the ADII is controlled with AirLeash. With just a press of a button you can initiate take-off and make quick inflight adjustments. The highly durable and light weight, waterproof tracking device enables simple mid-action control of the drone. Its high quality propulsion system provides superior tracking and camera control in high wind conditions up to 30 knots. It is capable of:

• Advanced high-precision tracking in the most challenging elements
• Durable and waterproof, tracking device
• Fully autonomous from take-off to landing
• Customizable flight path and free follow modes
• Three axis gimbals optimized for GoPro HERO5®*


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Source: https://www.airdog.com/


The Splash Drone 3

I have often felt nervous when flying my drone over water for the obvious reason. I have seen a few YouTube videos showing how one can attach floatation devices on their drone as a precaution. Well, fear no more. SwellPro, who had been pioneering waterproof drones have released the Splash Drone 3. It comes with an aluminium alloy 4K camera with a 2 axis waterproof. It is said to be the most advanced waterproof drone to be released. Its propulsion system comprising of 620kv motors that provides you with the power and efficiency to fly and land both on land and water. It can also be flown in strong winds up to Beaufort Force 4. It has Return-home, Auto-land and Low Battery alert functions. It is priced at RM10,800 at Average Drone (https://averagedrone.my/swellpro-splash-3-auto) here in Malaysia. Watch its performance here

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Drone Surfing

The Freefly Alta 8 may just solve your problem. Capable of carrying a 9.1kg camera it is a serious powerhouse and serious piece of equipment. The octocopter (with 8 rotors) is no ordinary drone. Providing a very stable platform, they enable a high degree of recording stability, high quality footage from any altitude. It has the capability of carrying out cinematography befitting Hollywood.

In between shots, if you happen to be by water and happen to have your surfboard but no boat; not to worry. Check this out. Fly Safe

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Drone Racing

Thus far, this site had been mentioned about drones stretching from those for beginners to intermediary ones. It was also in relation to the pure excitement of being able to fly it and perhaps the photographic experience that comes along with it. However, there is one other aspect that needs to be covered and that is drone racing. For those who seek a little more excitement or perhaps even a little more competitiveness, then you should try your hand at drone racing.

So, what is drone racing? It involves piloting your drones through a prepared course at high speed in pursuit of the finish line. Obviously the first step in becoming a drone racer is to purchase a drone and learn to fly it. Based on the type of race, the competition could encompass complex course with a variety of obstacles. You, therefore, need to be very confident in your piloting ability.

Also known as FPV races (FPV stands for First Person Video), the pilot requires a drone with a camera and some form of a goggle (or head mounted displays) which provides the pilot with live camera streaming. The first FPV drone races started as amateur competitions in Australia and New Zealand. These competitions were called Rotorcross.

Check out the following videos and Fly Safe



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