The MJX Bugs 3 vs Syma X8G

Lets start with the MJX Bugs 3. It comes with powerful brushless motor, with a 7.4v 1,800mAh high battery. It gives the Bugs about 19 mins flying time (I believe this is without the camera). It comes with support to mount either a Gopro or Xiomi xiaoyi motion camera (which means you need to get the camera separately). It has two speeds H and L. It’s 6 axis flight control system makes it very stable to fly. You can do flips and rolls and comes with pure nylon fibre material auto lock propellers. The Bugs 3 is quite fast for a beginner. You may want to have some experience before handling it. It was priced at RM492 plus shipping at

The Syma X8G quadcopter comes with a 8MP HD camera. Powered by a 7.4v 2000mAh (banana-type plug) it only gives you about 10 to 12 minutes flight time. It also comes with a 6 axis gyroscope that gives it a strong stability in flight. It has headless mode 2.4G 4.5 Channel Remote Control. According to its review, you can easily implement various flight movements, has stronger wind resistance and easier to control. The Syma was priced at RM444.54 at

Syma X8G
Smart rating:                                               88
Max flight time (mins):                             12
Op range (meters)//////:                            100
Still Camera Resolution (megapixels):     5
Max video resolution 1080p

MJX Bugs 3
Smart rating:                                                   73
Max flight time (mins):                                  18
Op range (meters):                                        500
Still Camera Resolution (megapixels):          –
Max video resolution –

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Drone Regulations Malaysia

Many friends have informed me that drones are banned in Malaysia and that it is illegal to fly one. I thought I will share the rules governing them here in this post.
First and foremost, drones or Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS, as it is called in Malaysia) comes under the ambit of the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA). In a nutshell, UAS is classified by DCA as any unmanned flying system under 20kgs in weight excluding its power source. Flying UAS is governed by the Federal Govt Gazette 14 Apr 2016 P.U. (A) 97 or Civil Aviation Regulation 2016. Section XVI of the above covers operation of a UAS.

In short:
a. Rule 140.1 – You can’t fly higher then 400ft in altitude or in any restricted airspace (Most drones have an inbuilt restriction to stay within this height).
b. Rule 140.3 – No additional payload is to be attached to your drone.
c. Rule 141.1 – You can’t use your drone for commercial purpose without permission.
d. Rule 142.1 – Drone pilots are fully responsible for the airworthiness of their drone.
e. Rule 142.2 – Drone pilots need to maintain line-of-sight of their drones at all times.
f. Rule 143.1(a,b) – Drones should be 150m away from any residential, commercial, industrial or recreational areas.
g. Rule 143.1(c,d) – Do not fly over gatherings in an open area or within 150m of gatherings in an open area attended by more than 1,000 people.
h. Rule 143.1(e,f) – Drones should be 50m away from any person, structure or vehicle while flying.
i. Rule 143.1 (g) – Ensure that the drone is 30m away from any individuals while taking off or landing.
The attached PDF file is just my quick translation of the rules from Malay to English. Please refer to the Malay version from the link above.

Fly Safe

JXD 509g/JXD509G FPV

Came acros the JXD 509G JXD509G 5.8G FPV With 2.0MP HD Camera High Hold Mode RC Quadcopter at the following link…

What is interesting about the Mini Q or Baby Q, is that its quite affordable at RM365.00 inclusive of shipping. It looks almost like the Yuneec Q500 but its much smaller and weighs less then 250 grammes. It is fast and has a 2 MP HD camera that can take both still pictures and video. It is also very durable as you can witness in the demo video. It was still able to fly despite crashing into another drone. The endurance of the battery is about 10 minutes, but that is not a problem for you could buy several batteries to enjoy extended flying hours. For a training drone, the Mini Q is much more stable in flight then the Syma X5SW that I started off with. It also comes with a monitor and therefore you need not have to attach your phone onto the RC (Radio Controller). Cheers and Fly Safe.


Crashed my Yuneec

I came across an old video where I crashed my Yuneec into a tree due to my misjudgement or depth perception error. The lesson I learnt here was to always fly your multi-rotor higher then the highest obstacle in the area if you do not have clear line of sight. I decided to put it on YouTube to share the lessons learnt and how your over confidence can bring you problems. The damage was one broken propeller and two wires connected to the CGO2+ camera got snagged. Fly Safe

The Karma

Just after having bought my Yuneec Q500+, GoPro launched a quadcopter called the GoPro Karma in October 2016. It immediately caught my eyes due to its packaging. It came with a practical bag whereby it was little more portable then the Yuneec. Originally the Karma went on sale 23 October 2016, but was quickly recalled due to reports of batteries disconnecting in the air and causing complete power loss. GoPro says the issues have been fixed and the Karma drone is now back on sale at as of 29 March 2017.  Fly Safe

The Parrot Bebop Drone 2

The Parrot Bebop Drone 2 was designed with safety in mind. It’s lightweight reinforced structure makes it robust and safe for in the event of an accidental contact, all four propellers stop automatically. In addition an Emergency Mode enables you to land the drone immediately, whilst a GPS Return Home function brings the Drone back to its take off point easily. Always connected, the Parrot Bebop Drone 2 photo and video stream is synchronised in real time on your Smartphone or Tablet. To find out more check out the following link…     Fly Safe

Parrot Bebop 2 Drone Malaysia. 25minutes Flying Time with Full HD 14MP

Check out the video:

Its available at:
Lot 2F-41, Paradigm Mall,
No 1, Jalan SS7/26A Kelana Jaya, SS7,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Selangor, Malaysia
+60 12-236 1337