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Despite what I stated in my last post, with regards to after sales service for the Yuneec; I must mention that when I discovered that the original batteries that came with the Yuneec was beginning to bulge, I reported it to Yuneec USA via email along with an order for some new propellers. In less then a week, I received two new batteries shipped to me by courier from the Hong Kong authorised dealer. I had to only pay for the propellers.


It finally happened

Its not easy to decide what type of drone you want to get. Obviously, the first factor would be cost. The second would probably be after sales service in the event you have crashed your drone and needs professional help. Like I have mentioned earlier, there are no official Yuneec authorised dealers that I know of in Malaysia. Their homepage shows that they are only available in Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia (just to mention those in neighbouring countries). It could be a hassle and even get into a panicky feeling when  you are faced with a serious technical problem. You may need to ship it to the US, Hong Kong, China or Australia to get them repaired. I had crashed my drone when I was trying to make a video of the Serendah Waterfall. While too focused on looking for another ideal spot to shoot, I did not realise that my drone was drifting backward due to a slightly strong breeze. It hit a tree and came down smack onto the road. My camera came off the drone and the cables had been ripped from their socket. I also broke three of the four propellers. After recovering from the initial shock, I managed to trace a technician here in Malaysia who assured me that he could fix the damage. True enough, my camera was working as good as new. Check out the video that I finally managed to finish after the repair work.

Based on that nightmare of an experience, I suppose it would be wiser to buy a drone for which one can easily get after sales service in-country. By the way, after analysing the situation, I realised that the cause for the crash was due to my own carelessness and overconfidence. Fly safe

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Later models of the Yuneec

Since the Yuneec Q500+, there has been several newer models released. The Typhoon 4K, Typhoon H and the Breeze are just some of them. Sadly,  there are no official authorised Yuneec dealers in Malaysia. There are dealers in Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia (neighbouring countries). However, buying accessories for the Yuneec online, example propellers, batteries, etc., is not a problem though.

There are, however, a number of DJI dealers here in Malaysia. DJI seem to be a more popular model in Malaysia.

Yuneec is an industry leader in electric aviation. Browse the official Yuneec site to discover their latest consumer quadcopters and flying camera dronesquadcopters and flying camera drones.

Unboxing and other videos

Having seen a number of YouTube videos on the unboxing of the drones, I too decided that I will do a video to help those who, like me, just purchased their drone. I decided to make my video in the Malay language since there were numerous videos in English.

Pt 1 Membuka Kotak

I then  made a second video on how to assemble the drone

And a third on how to charge both the batteries as well as the ground station (radio controller)

Got my Yuneec

In May 2016, I came across an offer on for the Yuneec Typhoon Q500+ at a bargain price. I quickly placed an order and the shipment arrived at the end of May. It was with great eagerness and yet with trepidation that I flew it for the first time. Trepidation because my drone costing a substantial amount of money to me is flying around with just a RC in my hand. In a nutshell, I discovered that the Yuneec could reach an altitude of about 400ft and travel as far as 1.5km. But I dared not take the risk and kept it at line of sight flying. Fly Safe


Having toyed with the Syma, the bug had got to me and I decided to venture into the mid range drones available. I started to look at reviews, comparisons and a lot of YouTube videos on quad-copters before the Yuneec Typhoon Q500+ caught my attention in comparison to the DJI series.


The Q500+ Typhoon quad-copter falls into the aerial photography category of quad-copters. It has GPS and satellite lock on making it much more easier to fly. If you are looking for a good quality ready-to-fly (RTF) drone with all you need and yet easy enough for beginners, you will fall in love with Q500. Check out the link below

 Yuneec Q500+ Typhoon review – is it better than Phantom 3?

Fly Safe