Got my Yuneec

In May 2016, I came across an offer on for the Yuneec Typhoon Q500+ at a bargain price. I quickly placed an order and the shipment arrived at the end of May. It was with great eagerness and yet with trepidation that I flew it for the first time. Trepidation because my drone costing a substantial amount of money to me is flying around with just a RC in my hand. In a nutshell, I discovered that the Yuneec could reach an altitude of about 400ft and travel as far as 1.5km. But I dared not take the risk and kept it at line of sight flying. Fly Safe


Having toyed with the Syma, the bug had got to me and I decided to venture into the mid range drones available. I started to look at reviews, comparisons and a lot of YouTube videos on quad-copters before the Yuneec Typhoon Q500+ caught my attention in comparison to the DJI series.


The Q500+ Typhoon quad-copter falls into the aerial photography category of quad-copters. It has GPS and satellite lock on making it much more easier to fly. If you are looking for a good quality ready-to-fly (RTF) drone with all you need and yet easy enough for beginners, you will fall in love with Q500. Check out the link below

 Yuneec Q500+ Typhoon review – is it better than Phantom 3?

Fly Safe

Getting started

This is the post excerpt.

It was my buddy RS Murthi who, one day while enjoying our whiskey and a cigar, introduced the idea of taking up flying quad-copters or drones as a hobby. I liked the idea immediately since I had tried my hand in trying to fly remote control helicopter sadly without much luck. In the pursuit of this new hobby, INo automatic alt text available. went out and bought my first drone a Syma X8C. It was very basic in that you needed to trim its pitch, roll and yaw before you could really fly it. Its endurance was nothing to shout about at 5 minutes of flight time.

Having mastered the X8C, I then decided to upgrade my quad-copter to the slightly bigger Syma X5SW. It was slightly bigger then the earlier model and had slightly longer flying capability at 1No automatic alt text available.0 minutes.   The good thing about starting with these models was that since they were not linked to satellites and GPS,  one had needed to trim the pitch, roll and yaw every now and then before really flying them.

Fly Safe