Starter Drones

I was browsing the net to look at some affordable starter quad-copters that would not burn a hole in the pocket, and yet suitable enough to provide the basics. Here are some of them (please note, the list is not limited to these).

Syma X5C-1 Gyro RC Quadcopter Drone UFO with 2MP Camera. Selling Price RM 199.00 (GST Included) Seller: 11 Street Malaysia

JJRC H32WH 4-rotor 2.4GHz WiFi Gyro Drone Altitude Position Hold RC Quadcopter With 2MP HD Camera and Remote Control(Orange). Selling Price: RM210.00. Seller: Lazada Malaysia

JJRC H32GH 4-rotor Gyro Drone Altitude Position Hold RC Quadcopter With LCD Screen and 2MP HD Camera and Remote Control. Selling Price: RM396.00. Seller: Lazada Malaysia

MJX X401H FPV WiFi 2.4GHz 4 Channels 6 Axis Gyro Drone 2.4GHz RC Mini Quadcopter With 0.3MP Camera. Selling Price: RM322.00. Seller: Lazada Malaysia

JJRC H20H 6-axis Gyro Mini Drone Altitude Mode Headless One Key Return 2.4GHz Radio Control Quadcopter. Selling Price: RM123.00. Seller: Lazada Malaysia

JJRC H97 Gyro 4-Channel 2.4GHz Drones RC Quadcopter With LED Light and 0.3MP Camera. Selling Price: RM150.00. Seller: Lazada Malaysia

Jxd 509W Pioneer UFO Wifi. Selling Price: RM259.00. Seller:

Syma X5UW Drone. Selling Price: RM249.00. Seller:

Easier then you think

Just to prove a point, if you noticed the first part of the video in my previous posting shows the quad-copter flies over a waterfall. Well, I have made one like that too. Its just getting your controls and orientation right. Check it out. Fly Safe


Some Drone Footage

I apologise if the attached video to my earlier post, ‘The Art of DRONEing’ was a little too technical. Honestly, I have yet to understand them myself (lol) and still learning. Don’t be deterred, aerial photography using a quad-copter is easier than you think. All there is to be done is start your multi-rotor, take it up in the air, record your footage, bring it down, edit it and there you have it. I have attached a video clip below that describes the magnificence of what it’s all about. Fly Safe

The Art of DRONEing

There is something about everyday scenes, buildings, nature and what have you that may seem very ordinary. That is until you look at the same from an aerial viewpoint. It just tends to mesmerise and captivates us. You tend to see the object in an extraordinary dimension never before imagined or seen. Check this video out to see what I am trying to say. It also gives some guidelines as to how to go about capturing it. Fly Safe

Parrot Debob 2 (Revisited)

I was going through some of the drones available in our local stores, when the Parrot Debob 2 sprang back at me. I was rather impressed with the SkyController that comes with it. One also has the option to not purchase it, and instead, use your smartphone and download the apps to fly it.
Now, the SkyController is something else. It looks like a WW II fixed wing aircraft’s yoke. With its antenna mounted on the top and easily adjustable to the direction of flight, the Parrot is known to be able to fly up to two kilometres. Its quite user friendly once you got the hang of it. The other added advantage is that the camera is inside the bird, thereby making it much more safer in the event of an direct hit.
This is a link to a review of the Parrot. It is about 47minutes, but worth every minute spent watching.

I checked with Hobbysportz and the you can get the Parrot without the SkyController for RM2999 while the package with the SkyController is priced at about RM37++.

To find out more check out the following link
Its available at:
Lot 2F-41, Paradigm Mall,
No 1, Jalan SS7/26A Kelana Jaya, SS7,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Selangor, Malaysia
+60 12-236 1337

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Skills beginners need to master

Flying a quad-copter or drone is not really rocket science. Its merely coordination and quick reflexes.  If you are flying the smaller quad-copters, then you need to be more attentive for most of them do not have GPS lock ons. The five moves that you need to master is
1. Take off and landing
2. Hovering
3. Moving forward, backward, right and left
4. 360 degrees yaw (basically turning it around while remaining in one spot
5. Fly a full circle

It is important to master these moves, to build your foundation and confidence when flying bigger quad-copters. Although the bigger drones are much more easier to fly, because they are assisted by GPS and satellites, it will become erratic if you lose GPS connectivity. In the video, the advice given was that when you have a “problem” kill the switch so that the drone will drop safely to the ground. This is fine with the cheaper smaller model quads because they are hardy and in the worse case scenario, you may break a propeller or two. But do not do that for the higher end quad-copters because the damage can be much more substantial. You could, apart from breaking a few propellers, damage your camera and the gimbals and the body structure. That is why, most of the high end drones have a safety mechanism to stop you from accidentally shutting off the drones. Instead they have Return to Home (or the equivalent) and or safety modes. Fly Safe