Drones to Help Fight Fire

Aerones, a Latvian based drone company, developed a drone that could assist firefighters help fight fire. While most fire fighters are only equipped with a 100 foot ladder, these drones can lift a fire hose up to almost a 1000 feet. The other advantage would be that the drones can be deployed in densely populated areas that may not be accessible to fire-trucks. Although still in the development stage, Aerones plans to fly these drones for longer periods using a tethered power supply. They have currently come up with two models that is the Superfast and the Fast drones. The former is equipped with 28 propellers and able to lift 441 lbs to a height of about 1000 ft. The Fast drone, equipped with 36 propellers can lift 661 lbs to a height of 1,640 ft. Check out the video below.
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Source: Tech Insider

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First Ever Drone Parachute Jump

Drones, other then those used by the military, have always been associated with aerial photography. It has always been considered as a platform to carry sophisticated cameras to take great shots from the air. Multi-rotors are now creeping into extreme sports as well. They have been used for snowboarding and surfing; and now Aerones drone company from Latvia came up with a powerful drone designed to be used by firefighters and search and rescue teams. Its capable of carrying a person. On May 12, 2017 Aerones’s 28 propellered drone lifted Ingus Augstkalns to a height of 330 metres from where he jumped and landed using a parachute. Enjoy and Fly Safe