The Visuo XS809H-W-HD-G

The Visuo XS809H-W-HD-G resembles the DJI Mavic and fun to fly. However,  don’t expect high quality video nor GPS stabilisation. Priced at RM168.50 in 11 Street, the Visuo would certainly be another fun beginner drone for those of you who are looking for some sophistication in their drone and yet simple enough to fly. It is a large-scale quadcopter to train with and get to grips with a transmitter.

Product battery: 3.7V 900mAh (proprietary battery)

Charging time: About 60mins

Flying time: About 10 mins

R/C range: 80-100m

Camera: 2MP 720P wide angle, 0.3 MP

Have Fun and Fly safe

VISUO 01v03V 02






The Alpine Griffon-01 Drone

The Alpine Griffon 01 drone comes out of the box fully assembled. The propeller guards can easily be attached with the screw driver and screws that comes along in the box. The 3.7V 550mAh battery that comes along with the AG 01 offers about 7-10 minutes of flying time and takes about 70 minutes to fully recharge. The AG 01 is controlled using a remote controller with your smartphone attached to it for visual. I downloaded an app called Wifi UFO from the play store which seemed to work well. Unfortunately, the instructions that came with the box was in Chinese. The drone is small and light and therefore you need to be careful if its windy; for it becomes quite erratic and difficult to control. The buttons on the RC is not marked and therefore you need to memorise the various functions until you become familiar with them. There is a retractable panel on the top where you place your smartphone, but I found that its quite restricted and may not be able to accommodate wider body smartphones. Otherwise, the standard two thumb-style joysticks, one which controller the drone’s throttle and yaw, and the other which controls the forward, backward, upward, and downward movement of the drone is quite obvious. There is a button that can be pressed for “headless” flight mode, which means the drone can be flown without reference to its front or back. The video and camera functions are ergonomically well positioned in the centre of the drone’s remote control. The Alpine Griffon Drone also includes push-button flips and rolls. To fly, first turn on the drone, then the RC. Bring both joysticks to the bottom right to calibrate the RC and the drone. This should then be followed by pushing the left joystick up and down. It is now ready to fly. Fly Safe


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