The TIANQU Visuo XS809W

Here is another DJI Mavic clone quad-copter. Comes in two colours i.e. black or grey. I thought it looked great in black with the gold markings on it. Its batteries are proprietary and provides about 10 to 11 minutes of flight. Its a beginner quad with some fancy advance modes to help beginners to fly it. It has auto take off and land, altitude hold, return to home, headless mode and do flips. But these facilities are dependent on the model you procure. It does not have a micro SD card on the drone, which means that all your videos and photos will be saved on your smartphone. It also comes with three speeds to fly it.Its priced at RM366.60 on 11 Street. Check out the video and Fly Safe



Fixed Wing Mode for the DJI Mavic Pro

On April 22, 2017 DJI came up with a new firmware for the Mavic Pro, that is the Fixed Wing Mode. Aerial Photography, basically encompasses a flying platform (in this case the quad-copter) affixed with a camera and gimbals. The gimbals provide stability for the camera so that the production of the video is as stable as possible (i.e. eradicate a shaky output). It is interesting, though, in the fixed wing mode, DJI actually uses the gimbal to create a sense that you are no longer flying a quad-copter but a plane. In this mode, you actually feel as though you are banking to the left or right as you push the left throttle (yaw). Likewise, when you push the right throttle forward or backward, you get the sensation that you are climbing or descending. This mode may not be ideal for aerial photography, but it certainly would enable you to have some fun with it. Some of the reviews I have come across explains that DJI has come up with this mode in anticipation of their launch of the DJI Goggle (which I had covered in an earlier post). Here is a video link to show you what I have mentioned. Fly Safe

DJI Mavic Pro Fixed Wing Mode Tutorial