The TIANQU Visuo XS809W

Here is another DJI Mavic clone quad-copter. Comes in two colours i.e. black or grey. I thought it looked great in black with the gold markings on it. Its batteries are proprietary and provides about 10 to 11 minutes of flight. Its a beginner quad with some fancy advance modes to help beginners to fly it. It has auto take off and land, altitude hold, return to home, headless mode and do flips. But these facilities are dependent on the model you procure. It does not have a micro SD card on the drone, which means that all your videos and photos will be saved on your smartphone. It also comes with three speeds to fly it.Its priced at RM366.60 on 11 Street. Check out the video and Fly Safe



Walkera Vitus 320

The Walkera Vitus 320, 3 Axis 4K Camera, Drone looks like another clone of the DJI Mavic, weighing in at 870g. It has foldable arms and comes with dual satellite positioning collision avoidance sensors affording great stability control. It has three directional sensors on the front and sides. The bottom also has a vision sensor. With a standard 4K camera, the quadcopter can active track, produce 1080P video output. Its 5200mAh LiPo battery, allows an approximate flight time of 28 minutes. What’s new again is that it supports augmented virtual reality games (according to Thomas Luna – WETALKUAV). The drone can be controlled using your smartphone or with the optional controller, DEVO-F8S. Fly Safe


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More on the DJI Spark

The video shows how the Spark can be flown just by using your palm. Yes, as I mentioned in the previous post, you can actually fly it using your palm (may the force be with you). The second video shows how to fly the Spark on Intelligent mode. It certainly makes flying a quad-copter that much easier and effortless. Fly Safe

The DJI Spark

DJI has done it again folks. After the impressive Mavic, they have now come up with the DJI Spark. Averaging almost half the size of the Mavic, the DJI Spark is packed with technology and a mechanical gimbal mounted camera. It has both forward and downward sensors; and a 3D sensing which enables it to avoid obstacles. It has precision hovering, landing, return to home and intelligent flight modes. It can be controlled with its own remote controller, or our phone and yes even your palm.

Weighing in around 300kg, it can fly at speeds of 50kph (31mph). It is powered by a 1480mAh LiPo 3S (3 cell) battery with about 16 minutes flight time. According to Authen Tech – Ben Schmanke, it takes about 45 minutes to recharge the battery, which is incredible. According to, Spark is expected to be available in Malaysia by the middle of June. According to March, Spark’s basic set (probably includes the drone itself, battery, charger, and three pairs of propellers) will cost RM2,380 while the Spark Fly More Combo is listed at RM3,300. Furthermore, March also has full list of pricing for Spark’s accessories. Check out the following video
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