The Alpine Griffon-01 Drone

The Alpine Griffon 01 drone comes out of the box fully assembled. The propeller guards can easily be attached with the screw driver and screws that comes along in the box. The 3.7V 550mAh battery that comes along with the AG 01 offers about 7-10 minutes of flying time and takes about 70 minutes to fully recharge. The AG 01 is controlled using a remote controller with your smartphone attached to it for visual. I downloaded an app called Wifi UFO from the play store which seemed to work well. Unfortunately, the instructions that came with the box was in Chinese. The drone is small and light and therefore you need to be careful if its windy; for it becomes quite erratic and difficult to control. The buttons on the RC is not marked and therefore you need to memorise the various functions until you become familiar with them. There is a retractable panel on the top where you place your smartphone, but I found that its quite restricted and may not be able to accommodate wider body smartphones. Otherwise, the standard two thumb-style joysticks, one which controller the drone’s throttle and yaw, and the other which controls the forward, backward, upward, and downward movement of the drone is quite obvious. There is a button that can be pressed for “headless” flight mode, which means the drone can be flown without reference to its front or back. The video and camera functions are ergonomically well positioned in the centre of the drone’s remote control. The Alpine Griffon Drone also includes push-button flips and rolls. To fly, first turn on the drone, then the RC. Bring both joysticks to the bottom right to calibrate the RC and the drone. This should then be followed by pushing the left joystick up and down. It is now ready to fly. Fly Safe


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Walkera and Optical Zoom

If you have noticed, most of the drones I have covered here have the capability to pan up or down, left or right and even do a 360 degrees turn. I came across (probably the first of its kind) a drone that enables you to zoom. Yep, you read it right. Walkera introduced the Voyager 4 drone with the incredible ability to carry out a 16x magnification. However, the 16x optical zoom capability is an add-on. The Voyager 4’s standard camera is a fixed focal length 4K camera. The voyager also comes with the Devo F18 controller which said to be more user friendly. The Voyager 4 is also capable of utilising 4G cellular connectivity, which means you can control the quad-copter from almost anywhere as long as you have network service.
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DJI at Low Yat Plaza

Went to Low Yat to check out what is new when I was surprised to see a number of camera shops have started selling drones. Most of the quad-copters being sold were the DJI models. You could get either the Phantom 4 Pro or the Mavic Pro. That’s when I came across the DJI store on the ground floor (Lot No: G-018). It is located on your right as you enter from the Imbi Plaza/Sg Wang entrance. I met Vick Chee who was very friendly and helpful. They seemed well stocked with the DJI Phantom 4 Pro and the Mavic Pro as well as other DJI accessories. He informed me that they also carried out limited repairs there as well. Vick can be contacted at +60177786487
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To Phantom or to Mavic

When you have to choose, it is never an easy task. I have been seriously contemplating to get myself the DJI Mavic simply due its portability. Having a Yuneec Q500+ Typhoon, I only know too well the days I have dreaded not being able to lug the drone and the accessories required when walking along tracks to reach the point where you wanted to shoot some aerial photography. At the end of the day I suppose you need sacrifice one for the other. I guess I am beginning to understand the term ‘You cant have the cake and eat it as well’ (or something to that effect).

Any way I was going through some videos and this particular one threw a damper on my wanting to get the Mavic. But then I realised, that you need to be firm on what you really want. Check out this video. Fly Safe


Here is our comparison between two of the best drones out right now the DJI Phantom 4 Pro vs DJI Mavic Pro.

More on the DJI Spark

The video shows how the Spark can be flown just by using your palm. Yes, as I mentioned in the previous post, you can actually fly it using your palm (may the force be with you). The second video shows how to fly the Spark on Intelligent mode. It certainly makes flying a quad-copter that much easier and effortless. Fly Safe

The DJI Spark

DJI has done it again folks. After the impressive Mavic, they have now come up with the DJI Spark. Averaging almost half the size of the Mavic, the DJI Spark is packed with technology and a mechanical gimbal mounted camera. It has both forward and downward sensors; and a 3D sensing which enables it to avoid obstacles. It has precision hovering, landing, return to home and intelligent flight modes. It can be controlled with its own remote controller, or our phone and yes even your palm.

Weighing in around 300kg, it can fly at speeds of 50kph (31mph). It is powered by a 1480mAh LiPo 3S (3 cell) battery with about 16 minutes flight time. According to Authen Tech – Ben Schmanke, it takes about 45 minutes to recharge the battery, which is incredible. According to, Spark is expected to be available in Malaysia by the middle of June. According to March, Spark’s basic set (probably includes the drone itself, battery, charger, and three pairs of propellers) will cost RM2,380 while the Spark Fly More Combo is listed at RM3,300. Furthermore, March also has full list of pricing for Spark’s accessories. Check out the following video
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Bayangtoys X16

 Came across another interesting toy, the Bayangtoys X16. It was priced at RM5++ in RC Malaysia. Surprisingly, it comes with brushless motors giving it greater speed and lift capability. It also has automatic return function, allowing the quad-copter to automatically return and land where it took off from when connections are lost or it experiences signal interference. It also has headless mode, completely solving pilot “loss of orientation” problems and 2-mega-pixel HD camera.…/bayangtoys-x16-brushless-wifi-fpv-…